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HUSH Blockchain Explorer

Block Height807101
Anonymity Set 874198
Block Hash000000198642409183c486d24dad45a7c5a3f4aab9b0010d63e0f722a2a9edf2
Longest Chain807101
Chain Tip Time Tue Jan 18 04:17:40 2022
Total Transactions 1247813
Transaction Rate 0.9684 per minute (Monthly Avg)
Difficulty 7709207
Hashrate 1.76 MegaSols/s
Circulating Supply 11886686.30752515 HUSH
Shielded Supply 5797966.68761908 HUSH
Percent Shielded 48.777

About This Extreme Explorer

This Explorer doesn't snoop on your privacy! There is no Javascript or images for that reason. Either could be used to steal your privacy. This explorer is natively compatible with Tor, i2p and any other technology that improves privacy, because we do not use or rely on Javascript IN ANY WAY, on the server-side or the client-side.

We beleive this is the most private and secure Blockchain Explorer in Zcash Protocol World. Inspiration goes to and their fascinating C++ codebase. Hush continues to "lovingly steal" the best ideas of Monero World and apply them to Zcash World, which is why we claim to have the most advanced tech of any privacy coin. The code to this explorer is still under development and will be released in due time.

Node Stats

10 of 10 peers connected via TLS 1.3
Protocol Version 1987424